Compliance to the Act

View the National Traffic Act 93 of 1996 by clicking here.

New legislation regarding the transportation of dangerous goods was included in the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 (hereinafter referred to as "the Act") and became effective on 3 August 2001. The act poses a great challenge to the consignor, transport operator, consignee and law enforcement agencies. Despite initial growing pains, the Department of Transport is positive that this legislation is a step towards controlling the industry, creating a safer environment and greater conformation to international standards.

The purpose of the dangerous goods legislation is to reduce risk, manage the transportation of dangerous goods by road and to ensure that this is done in a responsible way. Those responsible for spills will be held liable for the costs of recovery, damage to property and the environment, as well as injuries to persons. The risk commences with the loading of the goods, through the transportation operation, right to the point of offloading.

Chapter VIII of the regulations in the Act includes SABS standard specifications and codes of practice, which are incorporated as regulations indicating the manner in and conditions under which classified dangerous goods may be transported.

The requirements of the legislation clearly stipulate the responsibilities of the consignor, operator and consignee. Vehicles transporting dangerous goods have to comply with a number of specifications as set out in the Act. We are committed to use only vehicles that adhere specifically to these specifications.

The Department of Transport may appoint a dangerous goods Inspectorate, which will amongst others, enforce technical compliance as far as the transportation of dangerous goods is concerned. The inspectorate's responsibilities will include conducting audits at the premises of consignors, operators and consignees, accident and incident investigation and general law enforcement. It is therefore essential that all manufacturers and distributors in the Animal Health and Crop Protection Industries comply with the provisions of the Act.

We maintain sound Safety standards throughout all aspects of the business, in line with client and legislation requirements. We integrate safety and environmental awareness into our work ethic and subscribe to the principals of product stewardship.