Company Profile

Hi5 Equity Partner (Pty) Ltd is a company that specialises in the:

    Customer Services in collaboration with Hi5 Integrated Logistics (Pty) Ltd;
    Warehousing in collaboration with Hi5 Integrated Logistics (Pty) Ltd

of Dangerous Goods in the Crop Protection industries.

Hi5 Equity Partner's vision is to create a unique industry concept and to become the preferred service provider in the Crop Protection industries.

By taking into consideration the current legislation on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, the upcoming legislation on the Warehousing of Dangerous Goods and Croplife's commitment to Responsible Care and Product Stewardship, there is a serious need for all manufacturers and distributors in the Crop Protection and industries to ensure compliance to the standards set by the industry and the law.

The shortage of skills in the Logistics industry in SA will make it difficult for manufacturers and distributors to retain and develop skills and capital investment levels as external demands change. Examples of changing external demands include:

    Changing legislation with respect to Transportation of Dangerous Goods.
    Changing legislation regarding disposal of products, packaging and Warehousing.
    Commitments on Product Stewardship.