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Hi5 realizes that Black Economic Empowerment is the way forward and supports the South African Government's vision to create substantive equality amongst South African racial groups.

Hi5 is a member of the Services Seta and, as per policy, the training priorities are indicated in a "Workplace Skills Plan" which is submitted to the Services Seta annually. The main focus is to provide more training opportunities for employees to uplift them in order to meet employment equity targets. Hi5 has an integrated Employment Equity and Skills Development Plan and has set-up their own internal guidelines and targets in incorporating all criteria as per the proposed BEE scorecard for instance:
  • direct empowerment:
    • ownership (target 25%)
    • management (target 40%)
  • human resource development:
    • skills development
    • employment equity (target 50%)
  • indirect empowerment:
    • procurement (target 30%)
    • enterprise development (target 10%)
Hi5 favours procurement from BEE suppliers as partners to BEE compliance and development.